Disaggregated TIPS: The Case for Disaggregating Inflation-linked Bonds into Bonds Linked to Narrower CPI Components

ABSTRACT: Investors generally face inflation-linked obligations — a fact contributing to the popularity of TIPS and other inflation-linked bonds. With TIPS, one characterization of inflation, the Consumer Price Index, applies to all investors. Investors, however, face different flavors of inflation. To date, these heterogeneous needs have not been addressed by the inflation-linked marketplace. The paper describes the case for and mechanics of splitting TIPS into disaggregated TIPS matched to components of the Consumer Price Index. Disaggregated TIPS better address the risks of investors' specific real liabilities. An appendix highlights disaggregated TIPS applicability to pension schemes with post-retirement health benefit obligations.

This paper is available on SSRN as of 14 September 2004.
The paper was updated on SSRN on 2 January 2006.
The paper was published in the November 2006 issue of the Journal of Pensions Economics and Finance.
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