William Jennings' Investment Committee Service

Dr. Jennings currently serves as member of or counsellor to eight investment committees or boards.

These boards have oversight of over $25 billion in endowment and pension funds.

In these capacities, he has:
  • conducted an asset-liability study and developed a surplus management policy
  • conducted and analyzed asset allocation studies
  • developed and revised Investment Policy Statements
  • conducted manager searches
  • transitioned endowments to a multi-manager structure, and vice versa
  • formulated watch-list criteria
  • evaluated general investment consultants
  • evaluated real estate investment consultants
  • analyzed enhanced indexing vehicles
  • analyzed hedge fund of funds
  • analyzed direct energy investments
  • analyzed diversifying asset classes
  • reviewed target date funds
  • reviewed defined contribution investment menus
  • ... among many other activities
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